Belgian Round Vettel & Rosberg

Spa in Rear View Around the garages of Formula One there must be a sigh of relief. No longer will sponsors and supporters be hounding them to catch … [Read more...]


Dystopia or Myopia, Which Is It?

Police or Idiot State- Which Is It? Okay, Okay, Idiot was probably the wrong word, in reference to those who fear a George Bush/Dick Cheney … [Read more...]


Future of Tablets

The $199 Tablet An email to one of my sons in response to my comment about the base price of parts for tablets and Apple lack of a future in the … [Read more...]


HP Walks Away from Me

HP and the Credibility Gap Back when credibility and reputation mattered, say maybe in the early 60's, people believed in products. After many years … [Read more...]


Touch Pads for $99

HP Tablets Gone Missed it.  Just as well, I didn't need one- Yes, the $99 Touch Pad on the HP site were all sold out.  Going to the nearest … [Read more...]


HP Dumps PC & Tablet

The New HP- huh? What's wrong with the current HP? I own three HP computers. All three work like-- great. One (core i7) had a problem. My purchased … [Read more...]


Remembering “The Times” Past

The Star- The Times- The Journal There was a day when I read the local dailies morning and evening. The morning paper was the Times, the evening … [Read more...]


Day Search Died

Google+ Goolorola Google Gone Where were you when Google died? Do you remember the day, the hour, the location when the shocking news of the icon … [Read more...]


Death of a Damsel, OR….

Farewell to Molly Molly was yellow tang who spent almost 2 years in our Saltwater tank. During one period she was at war with the two original clown … [Read more...]


Moose Jaw

  Every one who is anyone has been to Moose Jaw.  In case you're driving by on Highway One and not sure, look for the big metal moose. … [Read more...]