Poll Snapshots & Dogs

  My Dog Roscoe could win a head to head poll with Obama today. Given the correct set of questions and people polled Roscoe might be seen … [Read more...]

Super Conferences- BCS Amok College Football Ends with Super Conferences Where did I miss the switch from athletes competing and earning an advanced … [Read more...]

Hot Shoe, Pretty Polly, & Smiley

Debate Hot Shoe Winner

Hot Shoe, Pretty Polly, & Smiley Holy Cow! My Foot's on Fire- We've had another debate, if one can stoop to the level of reducing a debate to … [Read more...]


Android Kindle Killer Tablet

Kindle Tablet to Change Landscape With quick scan of the article, I noticed the new Amazon tablet will have no camera. The software is outdated. The … [Read more...]


Aleutian Quake w/Warning

7.1 Shaker Hit Aleutians- Anyone Care? Watching CNBC today for the jobs numbers. Wow, depressing. 0% growth in jobs for August. Do you remember … [Read more...]


Drought Ender for Texas?

Tropical Depression 13 Over NO With winds of 35 mph TD 13 poses little threat to the Gulf region. However, the forecast for TD 13's impact includes … [Read more...]