Missed Half the Sports Action

Triple Crown What? Yesterday was kicked off by the UEFA Champion's League showdown between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. On paper, in the press, and … [Read more...]


Good Products & Good People

Netgear Solutions Work Rarely do we get to write about great service a company provides. Usually, we complain about the quality of the product, … [Read more...]


BB Not Cool Enough Today?

Blackberry To Trash Heap? A quick question-- “How many items or devices in your house, garage, or basement are obsolete in your life?” As … [Read more...]


May Football in the UK

Chelsea Gets Tested This past week Chelsea played Newcastle at home and lost 2-0. That defeat almost certainly sealed their fate in the Champion's … [Read more...]


Richmond One Year Later

Richmond in the Rear View Due to a series of severe storms this post appears days late. Last year at this time we were eating BBQ in downtown … [Read more...]