News – All The News

All the News that's Fit To Print! My first impulse would be to leave the post blank.  Why? Because most of what passes for news is in some way … [Read more...]


Tropical Storm Bill

Rain in buckets''''''''''''''' Did not happen here.  By my estimate, the Tropical Storm Bill prediction was a miss.  Yes, Texas had more rain … [Read more...]


2015 First Fawn

June 12, 2015 The First Fawn Appears We see mother and baby in the yard around 7 am.  The baby was so new, it still had the wobbly leg walk.  It … [Read more...]


Rain, Rain, Rain

The news finally caught up with us in "fly over country." We've had many days of what I would deem "tropical" weather.  Sunshine, humidity, and a … [Read more...]