Aleutian Quake w/Warning

7.1 Shaker Hit Aleutians- Anyone Care?

Watching CNBC today for the jobs numbers. Wow, depressing. 0% growth in jobs for August.

Do you remember the volcanic activity in Alaska which went virtually unreported? Thought not. Do you remember the earthquake which struck Virginia a few days ago? Yep! What’s happening there today? 3.4 quake hit Virginia Thursday, Sept. 1. And, just in case you think the media is avoiding some areas because they are not politically important– L.A. quake 4.3 yesterday 9-1-2011.

The tsunami warning has been canceled following the Aleutian quake. 7.1 is a significant quake. Reporting it might be a good idea, just to keep us informed. The short side of that debate-

what can we do?”

Here’s a link to recent quakes.




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