BB Not Cool Enough Today?

Blackberry To Trash Heap?

A quick question–

“How many items or devices in your house, garage, or basement are obsolete in your life?”

As much as I like Blackberry phones, RIM has not been able to keep up. Is this Research in Motion’s fault, or, is it the fickle general public which clamors for the latest, and “coolest?” Was it not long ago that we drooled when a lawyer pulled out their Blackberry and began thumbing in a message in their own little private corner of the world?

Today, we can all be sitting in the corner thumbing or poking in messages to be sent around the globe at the speed of light, (or not quite so fast some days). No longer do we need to feel inadequate, we can be just like the big dogs with their 7 figure salaries and their “cool” phones. We can even be cooler, the new Apple and Android devices have more bells and whistles than we as mere humans can ever fathom. Yes, even the folks at Apple and Google keep coming up with cool new tricks for our devices.

Devices, yes, they are devices, the new buzz phrase for everything from smartphones to tablets, and ultralights. How long before we can turn our lights, phone, and every other electrical appliance in our homes and cars from the keyboard of “our device?” Yes, RIM keeps trying to be cool, but, it’s like the greasy hair, leather jacket kid in the 60’s- one day cool, next he’s a hood. No, not hoodie, but, hood, hoodlum, thug, undesirable. Or, as we say, “on the trash heap of life.”

The fickle public has renewed its romance with Apple. Being an “old guy,” I remember the days in the stores looking at the tiny “all-in-one” Apple with my sons.

“One day,” I thought, as they remarked about how many things the machine could do. My response was, “learn to program your Atari, then we’ll see.” Yes, it was a delaying tactic, because the Apple was more money than I could justify for a toy. Yes, even back then they were luxury items.

Times have changed, Apple makes high powered computing machines, but, they are still luxury items. Buying an HP, Dell, or even an Asus makes more sense. Much like when I bought my first smartphone, a Kyocera, it was a business luxury, not a phone I needed for conversation. The stylus driven PDA was very handy, but, it was a luxury as a phone. And, I looked cool with the brick hung on my belt. Yes, I admit, I’m as egotistical as the next person.

My hope continues that Research in Motion will find a formula to compete in the device market. We as consumers win when there are numerous corporations battling for our fancy. Apple, HP, Google, RIM have millions, even billions to pour into producing the next “great thing.” And, as long as our credit cards can swallow the cost, we’ll step up. The wireless people need us upgrading every two years or sooner.

I lumped all the others, HTC, Samsung, etc. into the Google pool because most run devices on the Android system, which has found itself in a huge battle with Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle for supremacy of the world. Regardless of your side, you should be rooting for the “free” guys. The more free apps and stuff on the market the lower prices will be for the proprietary items used by some of you.

I personally, choose devices based on the “free” system. Which puts me into the Android camp. Not because I do not think Apple has some cool features, but, I can’t keep up with all the offerings, so being just a little cooler than the next guy has lost its lustre for me. Give me a phone which keeps notes, text, email, contact management & sync, takes good pictures, plays music, captures a special video as I encounter something very unusual.

“You know, just the basic stuff, a phone should do.”

Good Luck to RIM and the Rest. Live long and prosper.”

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