Belgian Round Vettel & Rosberg

Spa in Rear View

Around the garages of Formula One there must be a sigh of relief. No longer will sponsors and supporters be hounding them to catch Sebastian Vettel. No, the Red Bull #1 has not clinched the title, but, if there was doubt as to Vettel and Red Bull’s ability to bounce back to the top. Last week end should have answered that. Spa-Francorchamps continued the circuit’s unpredictability with rain for practice and early qualifying. When Q-3 began the bravest jumped to the softer option tire on a track notorious for punishing slight mistakes. Vettel proved again, that others may have the presses favor, but, he can run the edge like no other on most days and tracks. Remember, Sebastian Vettel won his first F1 race in the rain, and, in my opinion, was lightly regarded because of it.

Few in the press doubt Vettel will win the championship, but, Speed’s announcers still root for Hamilton despite the continuing pattern of impetuous behavior. Vettel may be fast, but Hamilton will always be faster and better in their minds. I find it bizarre. Sebastian Vettel did it the hard way, he moved from BMW Sauber, the youngest to score a championship point, to the very weak Toro Rosso where he won the Italian GP, as the youngest driver in F1 history. The move to the senior Red Bull seat did not favor a championship. Vettel produced one and is close to number two. Yet, in the eyes of many Lewis Hamilton is better.

Next Year Maybe, Lewis

Next year the pundits may get it right. You should remember, while Hamilton has the machinery and the money to be a champion, he won his single title when Jarno Trulli gave up the ghost on the last lap of the last race denying Ferrari’s Phillipe Massa the title. The erratic and emotional actions of Hamilton did not just appear, the history of the driver is littered with incidents involving poor judgment or vehicular imprudence.

The shining moment of Spa was Nico Rosberg’s blast to the front at the start. I am left wondering how good Nico would be if Mercedes focused their attention on the younger German versus propping up the elder statesman. Yes, Michael Schumacher was a great Formula One driver. Time to move on from what was, to what is. And, that is Nico Rossberg.

Next is Monza, also sponsored by Santander. One might wonder where Bernie and F1 would be without Fernando Alonso and his primary sponsor Banco Santander? If you have not had the opportunity to visit Santander, I suggest you do. Both my visits were early in the year, March and June. The weather, food and people were amazing. Enough of the travelogue, I am ready for the Monza challenge.

Sebastian Vettel may the be new kid in town as far as title holders, so, until he nails down number two there may be those who doubt him. Monza could be a place Vettel puts all that behind him.

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