News – All The News

All the News that's Fit To Print! My first impulse would be to leave the post blank.  Why? Because most of what passes for news is in some way … [Read more...]


Defensing Auburn

 Auburn and the Split-T Offense One should consider the use of the offense utilized by Auburn to destroy the Missouri University football team in … [Read more...]


BB Not Cool Enough Today?

Blackberry To Trash Heap? A quick question-- “How many items or devices in your house, garage, or basement are obsolete in your life?” As … [Read more...]

Real-Madrid-vs-Barcelona-2011pt 2

Super Cup Goes Awry

Pt. Deux @ Nou- I apologize I could not help the play on words, be they Catalan and French bastardization. Camp Nou Stadium was the setting for Super … [Read more...]