The Thomson/Thompson Tartan shirt I owned has long since past.  I have spent many hours researching the surname and y-dna for the line.  At some … [Read more...]


Classical Winter Returns??

Where's Summer? As the saying goes, “Walked 4 miles, each way, to school in 2 feet of snow when I was a kid.” In my case that was not … [Read more...]


Good Products & Good People

Netgear Solutions Work Rarely do we get to write about great service a company provides. Usually, we complain about the quality of the product, … [Read more...]


BB Not Cool Enough Today?

Blackberry To Trash Heap? A quick question-- “How many items or devices in your house, garage, or basement are obsolete in your life?” As … [Read more...]


Examining Self Replicating Culture

Stuck in Political Yesterday Sitting listening to David's Grays- Hold On to Nothing and thinking about the current dichotomy which is America. … [Read more...]


Kindle Threatens- Who?

iPad vs Fire Some believe the world revolves around Apple's vision of technology.  There are those of us who believe mobility is about being mobile, … [Read more...]


Android Kindle Killer Tablet

Kindle Tablet to Change Landscape With quick scan of the article, I noticed the new Amazon tablet will have no camera. The software is outdated. The … [Read more...]


Future of Tablets

The $199 Tablet An email to one of my sons in response to my comment about the base price of parts for tablets and Apple lack of a future in the … [Read more...]


Touch Pads for $99

HP Tablets Gone Missed it.  Just as well, I didn't need one- Yes, the $99 Touch Pad on the HP site were all sold out.  Going to the nearest … [Read more...]


Day Search Died

Google+ Goolorola Google Gone Where were you when Google died? Do you remember the day, the hour, the location when the shocking news of the icon … [Read more...]