2015 First Fawn

June 12, 2015 The First Fawn Appears We see mother and baby in the yard around 7 am.  The baby was so new, it still had the wobbly leg walk.  It … [Read more...]


MS Nook Reader/Tablet????

Going Back to Microsoft The possibility of a new MS Nook could result in going back to Microsoft on a tablet. Would you abandon Android for an MS OS … [Read more...]


Aleutian Quake w/Warning

7.1 Shaker Hit Aleutians- Anyone Care? Watching CNBC today for the jobs numbers. Wow, depressing. 0% growth in jobs for August. Do you remember … [Read more...]


Drought Ender for Texas?

Tropical Depression 13 Over NO With winds of 35 mph TD 13 poses little threat to the Gulf region. However, the forecast for TD 13's impact includes … [Read more...]


Another Texan?

“W-Light” The New President? Yes, that is what someone called Texas Governor Rick Perry. I heard a pseudo republican say, 'if you close your … [Read more...]

50&CoinRed copy

Downgrade More Expensive?

In the face of S&P's downgrade, why do we care? The political factions and media tell us, we'll pay more on credit and debt. Will we based on the … [Read more...]