Clouds and Rain - Rain and Clouds

Rain – Redux

June 2015 - Rain arrived in buckets, truck loads, reservoirs, rivers, lakes.  You name it, that is how much rain arrived.  And, we had grass to … [Read more...]


Tropical Storm Bill

Rain in buckets''''''''''''''' Did not happen here.  By my estimate, the Tropical Storm Bill prediction was a miss.  Yes, Texas had more rain … [Read more...]


No Super Bowl Friends

Missing the Super Bowl OK No, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I am not a fan of either team. The idea of spending 4+ hours seemed pointless. For … [Read more...]


World Series Game #7

I won't be this lonely come tonight in KC as the Royals vie to upset the big favorites, San Francisco  Giants.  It's the classic "little vs BIG."  … [Read more...]


McCoys vs Or Blue vs Grey?

Violence, Ignorance, & Human Behavior- Hatfield vs When one embarks on a journey, they should be prepared for the duration. Too often I believe … [Read more...]


Missed Half the Sports Action

Triple Crown What? Yesterday was kicked off by the UEFA Champion's League showdown between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. On paper, in the press, and … [Read more...]


Richmond One Year Later

Richmond in the Rear View Due to a series of severe storms this post appears days late. Last year at this time we were eating BBQ in downtown … [Read more...]


Poll Snapshots & Dogs

  My Dog Roscoe could win a head to head poll with Obama today. Given the correct set of questions and people polled Roscoe might be seen … [Read more...]

Hot Shoe, Pretty Polly, & Smiley

Debate Hot Shoe Winner

Hot Shoe, Pretty Polly, & Smiley Holy Cow! My Foot's on Fire- We've had another debate, if one can stoop to the level of reducing a debate to … [Read more...]


Dystopia or Myopia, Which Is It?

Police or Idiot State- Which Is It? Okay, Okay, Idiot was probably the wrong word, in reference to those who fear a George Bush/Dick Cheney … [Read more...]