HP Walks Away from Me

HP and the Credibility Gap Back when credibility and reputation mattered, say maybe in the early 60's, people believed in products. After many years … [Read more...]


HP Dumps PC & Tablet

The New HP- huh? What's wrong with the current HP? I own three HP computers. All three work like-- great. One (core i7) had a problem. My purchased … [Read more...]


Remembering “The Times” Past

The Star- The Times- The Journal There was a day when I read the local dailies morning and evening. The morning paper was the Times, the evening … [Read more...]


Patents vs Creativity

Do We Need GoogloRola? Once Upon A Time the story started. Usually, it was about a young boy or girl who had a misadventure with a moral at the end … [Read more...]


Ordering Breakfast in Future World- Toffler Style

“ The Alvin Toffler, Please” I said to the waiter, and turned back to my Droid to watch the stream of posts across G+. Was this really what … [Read more...]