World Series Game #7

I won't be this lonely come tonight in KC as the Royals vie to upset the big favorites, San Francisco  Giants.  It's the classic "little vs BIG."  … [Read more...]


Defensing Auburn

 Auburn and the Split-T Offense One should consider the use of the offense utilized by Auburn to destroy the Missouri University football team in … [Read more...]


Missed Half the Sports Action

Triple Crown What? Yesterday was kicked off by the UEFA Champion's League showdown between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. On paper, in the press, and … [Read more...]


May Football in the UK

Chelsea Gets Tested This past week Chelsea played Newcastle at home and lost 2-0. That defeat almost certainly sealed their fate in the Champion's … [Read more...]


Indy Car Dan Wheldon’s Passing

IRL Loses a Champ In 2008 Maureen and I, with friends went to the Indy Racing League race at Kansas Speedway. One of the couples I had met while … [Read more...]

Super Conferences- BCS Amok College Football Ends with Super Conferences Where did I miss the switch from athletes competing and earning an advanced … [Read more...]


Belgian Round Vettel & Rosberg

Spa in Rear View Around the garages of Formula One there must be a sigh of relief. No longer will sponsors and supporters be hounding them to catch … [Read more...]

Real-Madrid-vs-Barcelona-2011pt 2

Super Cup Goes Awry

Pt. Deux @ Nou- I apologize I could not help the play on words, be they Catalan and French bastardization. Camp Nou Stadium was the setting for Super … [Read more...]

bcn stadium

Real vs Barca Round Two

Super Cup Round 2 Spanish Super Cup round two from Barcelona today airs at 5 pm EDT in the U.S.. After a 2-2 draw in Madrid, I suspect we will see a … [Read more...]

Opening Salvo

First Week of Barclay's &... The Barclay's Premier League opened with no so surprising results unless one views Newcastle's tie as promising … [Read more...]