Classical Winter Returns??

Snow-3-21-13aWhere’s Summer?

As the saying goes,

Walked 4 miles, each way, to school in 2 feet of snow when I was a kid.”

In my case that was not true, but, it makes a good story to tell a whinny boy, who complains about cold weather. As with most myths, there lies a bit of truth at the core. In my case, Winters were much more challenging than most in my adult years. Here and there, I’ve experienced a few heavy snow years, but, more recently the Winters have been mild in comparison to my youth.

Was it in the 80’s someone promised a new “ice age?”

The Russians, or should I say, one Russian held up data indicating the “new ice age,” would be on us beginning in 2012. Last year was not that debilitating in my area, but, Europe did experience a rougher than usual winter. This year not only the Western Europeans, but, the Russians have enjoyed an “old fashioned” Winter. If my history is correct Siberia was the place of desolation, heavy, snow, and subzero weather. If that was true then, a return for “old fashioned Winter” to the Russians should not be a surprise. But, those living in the land of the Thames, will be a bit off stride with all the snow.

Could this possibly be just a return to the more normal, colder Winters? Or, might it be the beginning of more extreme weather, both hot and cold? Only time will let us know the plight of our planet. Unfortunately, for you, I and every other living being on this big flying rock, we won’t live long enough to know the truth. No, weather patterns are not like sound bites on the cable channels. Weather plays out over thousands of years and it takes several of those thousand year cycles to know the exact nature of the weather pattern.

Or, put in another perspective- “Weather is retrospective.”

In which case, we should just enjoy the moment, and wait to see what tomorrow brings. Those windowless wonders at the weather service have predicted 4-6 inches for us. We’ll see if their crystal ball works better than my windows.

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