Day Search Died

Google+ Goolorola Google Gone

Where were you when Google died? Do you remember the day, the hour, the location when the shocking news of the icon born from a search strategy was no more. Were you sad? Did you shrug and go about your business? Was their remorse for not doing more to stay inside the system?

Just as many of the giants of early technology had passed before, Google struggled a bit, then slide over the edge into someone else’s arms and was quietly put away like a child’s first pair of shoes. Something to remember, but, not much use today. We seem so callous when we discuss the departed giants of technology and Wall Street. It’s as if we didn’t even know them, when in fact, we were intimate friends. Maybe more than friends, maybe we adored them, envied them. Now, we have a new best friend who offers us all that we need today, in this modern world.

Who would ever imagined that one day we would not even miss Google.

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