Death of a Damsel, OR….

Farewell to Molly

Molly was yellow tang who spent almost 2 years in our Saltwater tank. During one period she was at war with the two original clown fish. Eventually, the female clown turned on her mate and Molly and the dominate clown finished off the little guy. The morning I took him from the tank they were both attacking him. Vicious, cruel, sad, yes. But, life out there is all of those things.

Then dominant female clown died one day. It looked as those she’d been attacked, but by whom? Tang’s use the barbs on their tail. The clown had been bitten. So, the suspects were the large crabs took pieces of her when she was ill.

Molly wouldn’t eat yesterday and was missing today. Tangs suffer from stress related illnesses according to LFS people. The new giant damsel might have been the cause of her passing. We will never know. Was it a damsel in distress, or the damsel who caused the distress. Only the crabs, snails and two remaining fish know for sure.

Molly was the reason for my saltwater tank. I had always wanted a yellow tang. I think they are one of the most beautiful fish one can have at a poor man’s price. I will miss her. When thinking of replacing her, I may need to find a home for the giant damsel. If a tang is to be added there will need to be two at the same time to avoid the long term tang wars. In the past, we’ve lost a yellow eye, red sea and a hippo tang. All under the daunting harassment of Molly. Maybe, it was Molly’s turn.

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