Debate Hot Shoe Winner

Hot Shoe, Pretty Polly, & Smiley

Holy Cow! My Foot’s on Fire-
We’ve had another debate, if one can stoop to the level of reducing a debate to televised talking points. In a debate, one must present a position, the opposition presents their position, there are rebuttals etc. Having taken a college level debate course, I find nothing about today’s media hosted shows which resembles debating.
In a previous TV hosted event, one onstage performer attacked the moderator rather than answer the question. That costs one points in debate to attack the opposition personally. Today, on CNBC a guest, made a condescending remark toward a person asking a question. Again, perfectly legal in the media sideshow, but, that tactic should be called out. Personal attacks should be shown for what they are- sidestepping an issue or question.

Now that I cleared up my position on debating- let’s ask a more pressing issue- who is winning? In racing a term for a fast person would be a hot shoe. The term, I believe, comes from flat track motorcycle racing where the rider wears a metal shoe on the left boot, on which to slid through the turn, ergo- hot shoe.

So whose the hot shoe in the GOP?

As my picture indicates one’s foot’s on fire and another seems to be chilling out with a big smile, and the third looks a bit shell shocked with that blank stare thing going. Mr. Hot Shoe appears to have his foot on the accelerator and ready to leave the pack behind. Pretty Polly as she’s known at our house, is a favorite on the sofa. As you can see all the boys crowd ’round, but, can she ‘take it the house, as the saying goes? Smiley appears to be as the phrase goes ‘fat and happy.’ Does ole “smiley” know something we do not? What’s your call?

Those three have been on the sofa since we added ole “hot shoe.” Before it was just Pretty Polly and Smiley. They were a happy couple, sometimes Polly would be found with her head on Smiley’s shoulder. We never thought it was anything but affection. Once “hot shoe” arrived Polly developed that blank stare. We’ve become a bit concerned about Polly and may seek medical assistance for her. Or, we might just up her “double mocha’s” from two to three a day.

September- 2011

Isn’t it too early to be picking winners and losers? Should we be thinking about Fall? Roasting chestnuts over an open fire? Marshmallows? Halloween? (We do still celebrate Halloween, or has that been outlawed too?). Time to bring in the lawn furniture, unless you live in on the coast. We here in the woods, think about deer season. For us, it’s watching them, not hunting them.

Any takers on the predictions- Hot Shoe, Pretty Polly, or Smiley?

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