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My first impulse would be to leave the post blank.  Why?

Because most of what passes for news is in some way twisted to fit into someone’s politicized view of the world.  You might find that harsh, but, if you were to step back and evaluate the sentence, you might find a bit of truth.

In my opinion, what passes for news both written and electronic – has an agenda.  Our world has become so polarized, politicized that almost everything fits into a category that’s either acceptable or unacceptable to most people.  I doubt that people even stop to consider their bias toward the world today.  They weren’t born that way.  Powerful people with much to gain or lose based on the average person’s perception have been at work influencing you and I.

We may not realize how polarized our view of the world has become.

Rather than offer you  much else, I am instead posting the picture of a beautiful young buck whose sprouted some velvet clad antlers.  Just a guess but, he will probably fill out with at least 6 points and maybe even 8.  At that point he will be potentially someone’s food supply.  Until that day, I like to marvel at them as they are born, grow and mature into a species which moves about our home day in and day out.  They are joyous to watch.  They have no opinion.  Hold no grudge.  Seek no edge.  They just are.

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