Dystopia or Myopia, Which Is It?

Police or Idiot State- Which Is It?

Okay, Okay, Idiot was probably the wrong word, in reference to those who fear a George Bush/Dick Cheney reincarnated police state. An interesting aspect of the fear of those classified (self or otherwise) as liberal thinkers is their inability to see the total package. Yes, we are all guilty of looking to the end of our own noses and ignoring facts beyond. Let’s just call it “human nature,” and move on to the more important problem. The media and those heavily influenced by them, seem incapable of modifying their political view of the world. One might classify it as liberal “calcification.”

Conservatives have long been criticized, probably aptly so, for not being able to give up the past and join the modern era. I suggest today’s elderly liberal & conservative sees only the “old writing” on the wall, unable to translate what they learned from their teen and early 20’s “perfect world, “ thinking. Remember that as teenagers the majority of us were liberals. We rebelled against our parents doctrines as an act of transforming ourselves from dependents to independent thinkers.

Along the path to parenthood we found religion, so to speak, and, started paying our own bills. We also began to see the irresolvable inequities in the world. There was a dawning with us that, yes, the world should be perfect, but, no it was not, and probably would not be. My dawning came in the mid 1960’s when I stood at Checkpoint Charlie and saw the enemy, my enemy across a barren strip of land laced with trip wires and land mines.

Those guys standing in that tower looked not much different. They had uniforms, looked to be in their mid 20’s and probably did not want to be there any more than anyone else drafted into the military. I on the other hand chosen to be there, standing in that tower, watching them. I had the freedom to walk down, get on a bus and go down the Kudam and get roaring drunk if I chose. My life was basically my own except for the hours I worked at the base. When I looked past them into the empty streets and bricked up windows on the buildings, I felt a lonely, empty feeling in my gut. I could imagine for those two guards in that tower, the emptiness was just as present.

The Dystopian Legend

Dystopia, yes, it was there. The absolute ruler-ship by a few men in Moscow, controlled the lives of hundreds of millions of people. For some living conditions were miserable, and, they would get worse, much worse. Food rationing, black markets became the way of the Soviet Union and its satellites. No, it was not THX-1138, but it was close enough for me. At that point in time, I realized why we were in Berlin. Why I was in Berlin and why our mission was important.

Until one looks oppression in the face, it’s hard to understand the emptiness. There is a vacuum created by oppression. It does not start with the individual, but, ultimately it filters down to each and every citizen. Along the path from freedom to civil slave, there are sign posts. The sign post in Russia was the overthrow of the Tzarist regime. While that may have been a day of liberation in the minds of some, it signaled the beginning of a long reign of terror by a select group of individuals over a vast number of nations and humans.

Just as the Tzars represented “the enemy,” for the Russians, corporations represent the enemy for many of today’s would be liberators. Yes, on both counts to oppression, and corruption by the Tzars and corporations. My opinion of today’s corporations falls in line with many of the “anti-corporate” liberals. They, however, do not see corporation’s globalism as the primary problem. Anti-Corporate populism continues as a tool for politicians to whip constituents into a frenzy. Compare the likes of Marx and Lenin’s dogma with today’s populism. The messages are much the same- “you are the victims.” But, are we victims of the global corporations, “or”, are they giving us what we want? Yes, they earn huge profits through off shoring low cost labor. But, you and I want products, and we cannot afford them with U.S. labor prices. So, who is the real enemy?

From Learning to Part of the Norm

With every recession comes a cry from the masses. Most loud are the cries from the liberal of us, to help the less fortunate. Helping those who cannot help themselves divides the doers from the victims. Wait before you call the storm troopers, let me elaborate. There are those who do and those who do not. Some of the “do nots” choose to be victims. Some of the doers choose to be self proclaimed heroes. First, let me state emphatically, we are not all the same.

“Just isn’t so.”

Example: I have a college degree. My wife does not. She, however, passed the English Public Account’s exam. On the coldest day in Hades, I could not even get close. We make a great team, but we are very different people, aside from the male-female thing. We problem solve together if need be. Some problems we do separately. She does not ask my advice on knitting, nor, do I seek her help in critiquing a soccer match.

I have a unique set of skills. Even though I have experiences many others hold in common with me, I am unique. My wife is unique. But, we are not the only unique people on the planet. I suggest every single human has unique skill sets particular to them. Not only are we born with specific physical and mental attributes, our life experiences and training mold us to become individuals. No one set of rules can apply to us as a group. There-in lies the rub. How to govern 300+ million people who are individuals?

In the beginning there weren’t a lot of us on the planet, so being in charge was much simpler. Dictating and controlling a few thousand, pales in comparison to managing the likes of China and India. I suggest that controlling many individuals requires the individual’s consent or the use of oppression. If we extend the examples of India and China we see opposite ruler-ship styles. India is a democracy, China a dictatorship. The masses even in the dictatorship must buy into the system for it to survive. Yes, I am saying the people in China agree with their communist rulers. If they did not, they would overthrow them in a matter of days.

The math does not allow for any other reasoning than Chinese citizens agree with their government. There are over one billion people in China. Ten per cent equals 100,000,000. The Chinese military equals far less than 10%. Try 1%. That’s ten million, still more than the total of the military. One person trying to control one hundred, the ratio equals 1%. Tell me that one person even with a gun can defeat or control 100 who are bent on taking over.

Yes, there are established patterns of behavior which gives the leadership and military advantages, but, in the beginning the masses in China bought into the dictatorship concept. Why? Probably because the leadership taught them resistance was wrong. People died by the millions. Examples were presented to the masses of those who resisted change. In time, the masses embraced their fate. They learned to be part of the group and to accept- they were not unique. Had they, as a nation continued to resist, China would not be a communist regime.

30+ Years of Freedoms

JFK died before I entered the military. For most of my generation and those who followed he stood for equality. There was a Camelot to be had for each and every one of us. For some of us that dream never dimmed. For others of us, Camelot returned to being a fairy tale. Political rhetoric rarely lives up to the reality delivered by the candidate, and, it was true of JFK. We can look back over the last thirty plus years to see the individual freedoms which have eroded and witness the growth of a central government which preaches equality, not in opportunity, not in rights, but, equality in being.

To accept today’s interpretation of democracy in our Republic, we must view ourselves as limited by the greater good. We have rights not as individuals, but, in relationship to how those rights affect the overall population. In my opinion, those are two different perspectives one of which does not coincide with individualism. Reducing the rights and opportunities of some to advance the population as a whole does not seem to be a foundation built on equality and justice for all.

If one looks back at my opinion on the rise of Communist China, they will find the population’s acceptance of a “less than” mentality in favor of the “greater good.” You may see the connection as a giant leap which cannot be made in the U.S.. I believe we have already made that leap from individual to “less than/greater good” mentality. We were not coerced, we faced no oppression, we willing bought into the concept of “less than.” The piece that is missing? Storm troopers.

In movies such as Star Wars, we learn that in that galaxy there are good guys and bad guys. We see the evil deeds of the bad guys and understand why they must be overthrown. Put into the mix are storm troopers, who ironically are dressed in white. What was George Lucas implying? Why dress bad guys in white? Check back in the article- “THX-1138” was also directed by George Lucas. The storm troopers in THX were far more menacing with silver masks and black uniforms.

Were the storm troopers there before the evil empire or after the evil empire? Did the evil empire need storm troopers if no one resisted? I doubt it. Storm troopers arrive on the scene when people resist the government in charge. Do you ever see a swat team in a movie and wonder how we arrived here, in the era of storm troopers?

No, I have not crossed the fence to “flaming liberal,” just asking a question. If you cannot handle questions then you should refrain from discussion.

“Are you a f—in moron or what?”

Is not a question. That is an insult phrased as a question, but, it’s not a valid question in relevant discussion.

Are We Myopic?

Returning back to the original point, are we seeing “Dystopia” or are we myopic? Did we wake up in THX 1138 or has it been slowly creeping into our Republic? Did we welcome the loss of individual freedom as a sign we would be less individualistic to help others? While we volunteered a “teensy” bit of our freedoms did we say, “it’s better this way?” Did we even imagine the potential for storm troopers? Was there ever a point at which we looked at the passing patrol car painted more like something from a sci-fi movie than American Pie and ask,

“did I miss something?”

Am I wrong or did the evil empire live on in Star Wars? Were the main evil characters defeated, but the forces of darkness live on? When the Berlin Wall fell, did the communists all fall on their rusty swords? Were all the totalitarians responsible for the atrocities for decades rounded up and punished? Or did the forces of darkness, just re-brand themselves? Do you ever ask yourself what life would be like without someone to enforce the law?

Back to the doers and the victims. I am almost positive you have not read this far if you found that statement offensive. If you did, best hit the mouse button back to Wastebook, because I have another one for you.

Today we can classify the world into mostly eaters, with only a few hunters and gatherers left on the planet in proportion to the total. What would the world be like if the planet friendly types had their way? Would we say, “no coal”, “no mass produced animals”, “no genetically modified grain?” Would those be three rules for their world. Let’s keep it simple. That was the short list.

First, I am not for air pollution.

Second, I am against caging chicken and animals for production

Third, I am against genetically modifying anything, including humans.

BUT– before you reach for your Remington, I am a realist.

Been There Done That

Having originally spent part of my youth and currently living back in a rural agricultural area, I understand farming. Genetically modified crops survive better and produce more. As an example of the pitfalls of farming, yesterday, we saw a farmer baling his corn. For those not familiar with corn, it is normally harvested by a picker which separates the stalk from the ear of corn. Today that ear is usually shelled and sent to market or stored in large bins.

This year’s heavy Spring rains produced plants with shallow root structures. When the drought hit, the plants failed to produce full ears of corn in some fields. Farming is about timing. Hit it right in a bad year and one still might get a decent crop. Miss it by a few days, and the crop is lost. Baling corn would be a sign of crop failure. And, that is even with genetically modified seed. In my youth, the crop would have been left in the field and the cattle turned in.

As a Darwinist, one could say no to genetically modified agriculture. After all if a person can’t survive, it’s part of the cycle of nature. As a realist, one should know that eliminating caged animals from production, and genetically modified grain crops signs a death warrant for tens of millions of people. Yes, if the “earth friendly” people were to be given free reign over agriculture millions if not billions would starve to death, even if war breaks out to forestall the eventual starvation.

While not being that excited about air & water pollution, genetically modified animals and grains, I understand that to feed the world, we must accept certain facts. The earth will survive any and all pollution. We humans may not. We certainly will not survive a world famine as a civilized planet.

Why Are There Storm Troopers

Which brings us back to the storm troopers, dystopia, and myopia.

Have we been paying attention to the changes?

Or, have we ignored the signposts along the road to dystopia?

If this article was based on fact, would you refuse to agree because of your personal political position?

No, I do not say, this is all fact. I have written my opinion, or interpretation. I ask you, do you have the ability to be for one thing in the face of evidence which proves you wrong? I may not like caging chicken for mass production, but, I understand, to feed the planet, it must be done.

“Do I wish everyone had the same opportunities I have/had?”

That’s a different animal all together. How would I feel competing against tens of millions of people from my birth? The Chinese do it. They struggle from day one to survive. Would I want that? I think not. Nor, would I want to live in their political system. This article would never see daylight if I were living inside China. There are those who believe I should not be allowed to dissent inside this political system. Probably most would classify me as outside the norm. I am neither left nor right, and I certainly do not fit in the middle.

One thing I would suggest,

“I am not myopic?”

Can you say the same?

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