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Rarely do we get to write about great service a company provides. Usually, we complain about the quality of the product, service desk, or lack of responsiveness to issues. This article flies in the face of the trends. Netgear, in my opinion, can be classed as a number one provider of both hardware and service.

When my youngest son asked us to visit him at Christmas last year, I had to add support to our saltwater aquarium. After repeatedly trying to integrate the Neptune Systems controller with the DSL router, I gave up and purchased a Netgear Dual Band ADSL2+ Modem Router model 3700.

In a few minutes I had my Apex controller working flawlessly. Just in case you’ve no understanding of why one needs a controller for a saltwater tank; here’s the system as easily explained as possible.

Chemicals needed to be injected into the tank to maintain a balance. Temperature is critical to survival of the tank’s inhabitants. Water needs to be added. Lights are needed to provide for the corals in the tank and they must be turned on an off at specific times. While it’s possible to hook up timers to each of these systems, it is not possible to control them from L.A. That’s where the Apex comes in.

Apex Controller

To allow the Apex to talk to my Android phone or a laptop, I needed to be able to get connected through the router and the modem. I could connect to the router part of the CenturyTel modem/router, but, not through the modem to the internet. With the Netgear DGND 3700 I was able to communicate via my phone and laptop with my saltwater tank. That was some peace of mind, since the trip was for 10 days.

No, the controller will not save my tank in case of catastrophic failure, but, it can handle minor variants such as temperature, lights, tank top up, and chemical balance. Those elements make saltwater reef keeping much easier, even in person, when handled by an automated system.

Let me throw in a plug for Neptune Systems while I am at it. They did repair my controller (under warranty) very quickly after we suffered a power surge during an electrical storm. They too provide excellent products and outstanding customer service.

Following are links to both.

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