HP Dumps PC & Tablet

The New HP- huh?

What’s wrong with the current HP? I own three HP computers. All three work like– great. One (core i7) had a problem. My purchased HP warranty covered their tech’s trip to my house to fix it. After which I was even more convinced I made the right decision. Today, I ask, “why?”

Why give up one third of their business, after spending years developing a reputation and selling (brand loyal) people like me? Remember, I was an Apple guy, when Apple wasn’t cool. I struggled to find a replacement until I bought my first HP quad. The compaq we had sucked. It turned out to be more software than hardware. Once they jettisoned the bloatware added Intel processors, and Windows 7- I was sold.

Now, I wonder, who will brand my next computer? I want someone like HP who will give me a lean, mean machine with great service. My next purchase will probably be a clam shell tablet/computer. A) I don’t need one now. B) They haven’t arrived at pc level yet. C) They are overpriced compared to a real laptop.

With HP abandoning the PC market, we will be left with Asian brand options. Sorry Apple people, the pc may be okay, but, the company has gone back to being unreliable. Remember, I said, I was an Apple guy back when it wasn’t cool. The software sucked. The service sucked. Most of my PCs struggled and were not up to pair with Microsoft clones. I stuck with them, until the price gap made no sense. The price gap still makes no sense. And, Apple has reverted back to their proprietary mindset. That’s old marketing. Open source wins, so why pay more for the privilege of being restricted.

Eat Your Babies”

HP invented the commodity tech business when they starting introducing new/better printers at lower prices than the previous models. That commodity model destroyed mainstream printer companies and previewed the personal computing model to come. Eventually, the “eat your babies” model arrived at big box stores and we are today where the latest personal computer has more horsepower at a lower price. How can one walk away from a Core i7 laptop for under $1,000, when they are thinking of upgrade? Compare that to the price of a fully souped up iPad?

“Just how cute is that tablet?”

I will miss HP. I missed the OS of Apple until Windows 7 came along. So too will another HP come along. Dell could have been a player, but they were too worried about getting numbers out of the warehouse and less about service to be the top dog in personal computing. Remember, the average person doesn’t know a ram stick from a hard drive. And, in my opinion, in today’s service economy they should not eed that knowledge. Someone somewhere should be hungry enough to provide that service for them. I put in my own ram, change my hard drives and blow out the dust from time to time, but, I’m getting tired of the poor man’s updating. With the cost of a new personal computer continuing to fall, soon, it will be cheaper to buy a new one than upgrade the hard drive and ram. “Figure that out.”

Where’s Mark?

Hewlett Packard had struggled even more when Fiorina took over and bought Compaq. HP rebounded to become top dog when Hurd took hold. No, not many people in the tech world loved Hurd. He was a hard nosed turnaround guy, who succeeded, while alienating a lot of people at HP. It cost him his job. His dalliances w/that woman were nothing but an excuse to expel him. After he left, I think they were just too tired at the top to wage war anymore. Being the top dog in a commodity business must be tough. Having to always introduce better products at lower prices, beat Wall Street estimates every quarter, and, sell a winning product must be the technology nightmare equivalent of “Ground Hog Day.”

By the way, I think the new HP CEO is a loser. But, then again, how many have the cahones of Mark Hurd? The board may be happy he’s gone, but, I wonder how the stockholders feel? As an HP owner, I’m not looking forward to finding a replacement for my PCs with HP’s demise. By the time I’m ready to upgrade the quad cores, Apple will be wondering what hit them. Microsoft already knows and it’s call “free,” or rephrased for marketing purposes- Drooooo-id.

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