July 4th Pie

The apple pie is in the oven

I am sitting here eagerly awaiting the apple pie to bake.  Funny how
things change.  When I was a very young bride many years ago I would
bake all the time.  Apple pie, or any other sort of pie for that matter
wasn't a treat. Every Sunday without fail I would bake a pie or make
tarts or a trifle or cakes.  It was tradition.  Somewhere over the many
years that tradition went out of the window and now baking is an
occasional thing. Except for bread which I make as needed but even that
gets made in a breadmaker so even though it is all fresh ingredients,
the manual aspect of it has gone.  Mind you, that said, I wouldn't swap
my breadmaker for anything.

For us, one of the reasons I don't bake often is we try to eat healthy
so a never ending supply of cakes, cookies and pastries isn't a good
thing.  Another thing is the lack of visitors. We live in the middle of
nowhere so visitors are few and far between.

I did buy apples and cook them but I have to confess to also buying
Pilsbury ready made pie crusts that you just roll and bake.

This got me to thinking about our Mums.  First I thought that my
husband's Mum would be very disgruntled at the thought of his wife
baking him a pie using ready made pie crusts and then I envisioned my
Mum shaking her head in disbelief that her daughter was using them.
Then I imagined the two of them up in heaven having a good old
complaining session together lol.

I would hazard a guess though that if they were here and came for dinner
they would woof it down.

I hadn't forgotten how to glaze a pie so the finished product will look,
smell and taste delicious.

Another thing for sure is my husband  and I will both enjoy it enormously.

And there it is.........


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