MS Nook Reader/Tablet????

Going Back to Microsoft

The possibility of a new MS Nook could result in going back to Microsoft on a tablet. Would you abandon Android for an MS OS tablet? (I won’t ask the iPad people. We know the answer.) How about a sub $200 e-reader tablet hooked to Barnes & Noble? It’s something to think about in the wake of the Apple v Android mess.

Why would anyone think about going back to Microsoft when the iPad and Android tablet have all the bases covered?


The power of Microsoft and their potentially dynamic new OS Windows 8.

If Android continues to be a giant ball of twine, one realistically needs to head on over to Apple. But, that requires a small mortgage to be “All-Apple.” While Android is cheap it’s currently a mess. My HTC Thunderbolt waits patiently for an Ice Cream Sandwich update promised months ago. My wife’s Nook was outdated almost the day she purchased it. Soon my desktops/laptop with Windows 7 may be as obsolete as XP.

Alternatives Out There?

What I am suggesting is the sooner companies can arrive at a point where everything is based on one platform and all devices work flawlessly with every device on that platform the sooner people can jump in with both feet. BUT, people cannot afford the Apple solution. As my eldest said yesterday,

‘The MacBook Ultra is a luxury item.’

Example- My eldest son needs to upgrade his Skype capacity. The webcam on his work laptop doesn’t cut it. His reluctance to by an Asus Zenbook (My suggestion) is the Android debacle and the pending arrival of Windows 8. Software is much like this election cycle people are unsure of the outcome and the impact on their lives. Sooner is better, and software does not have a specific date to hold elections, they can decide to integrate today and move toward such.

Android faces the monolith of Google and their desire to offer Chromebook as the solution to computing. That hinders device makers from jumping with both feet into the Android camp. Imagine the lost income if everyone moves to Chromebook as their mobile computing solution. That is unlikely because Google seems to be struggling with the package and marketing.

Microsoft has the history and blind following to build a tablet disguised as a low cost e-reader. That might be it’s rebirth and entry into the mobile world. Yes? No?

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