Opening Salvo

First Week of Barclay’s &…

The Barclay’s Premier League opened with no so surprising results unless one views Newcastle’s tie as promising for the Toon.  Chelsea was held, as was Liverpool.  The Man United match was dominated mostly by West Bromwich.  In my opinion, ManU was lucky to escape with a win.  The Liverpool match was a bit of a fluke when Luis Suarez punted a PK into the cheap seats.  His atonement with the flick header goal, did little to free Liverpool from the ghost of mediocre past.  Man United looks thin.  The new starters lack quality, so, it’s anybody’s year to hoist the hardware.

And, when do they put Joey Barton out to pasture?  Was is Allardyce who tried to resurrect him?  ”

Newcastle, what happen to ya?”

It might have something to do with getting the bottom line cleared up.  eh?


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