Patents vs Creativity

Do We Need GoogloRola?

Once Upon A Time the story started. Usually, it was about a young boy or girl who had a misadventure with a moral at the end of the tale. Today, we witness giant fairy-tales locked in mortal combat. Apple was a legend reborn from a once mythic little pc to a giant gadget marketing company. Microsoft took others ideas and built an almost impenetrable fortress in the personal computer world. And, lastly Google took something as innocuous as internet search to heights never imagined.

These three giants and a few other players believe the purchase of patents will keep their products safe, while disabling their opponents.

I say, true,

“there are not rules in love and war”

But, also there are rarely winners in mortal struggles. Abandoning fair play, and, in my opinion, good judgment, these companies have broken many of the rules of fair play, and, common sense. Once you give a lover reason to scorn you, there is no return to normal. Life beyond that wound leads only to complete separation or bloody existence.

Who loses in these wars? Do they really matter? Will in the long term these companies put themselves out in the cold, while a new, fresh contender slides in the backdoor to woo the darling of the castle? Fairytales have twists and turns, that what makes them interesting. But, there is always a lesson to be learned. Can we see beyond the patents of today? Are we able to divorce ourselves from the fray? One would hope.

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