Real vs Barca Round Two

Super Cup Round 2

Spanish Super Cup round two from Barcelona today airs at 5 pm EDT in the U.S.. After a 2-2 draw in Madrid, I suspect we will see a rebirth of Barca. They are at home, they will have had time to review the game film. This match is for the Super Cup title. Can winning be more important in the battle (Barca vs Real) which supersedes almost everything in Spain?
Real dominated Barca which is rare. The energy of Real, the high pressure and swarming defense looked like a page out of Pep Guardiola’s playbook. Was it the (Jose) Mourinho genius or just a strange day in Madrid?
Today might answer that question.

The Betting aspect of the match I found Bet Asia story.

Lionel Messi was handcuffed by a swarming Madrid, but, he still scored an amazing goal. David Villa showed why he is one of the top gunner in Europe and worth the price from Valencia. Barcelona is far more than Villa and Messi, they are a concept in motion. The discipline shown by Barcelona amazes me. For creative talented players to play so rigidly requires dedication to a leader. Pep Guardiola’s men will be tested today. Most will feel last match was an anomaly.

In my opinion, Real surprises. If so, I will be a bit disappointed the fairy tale run has ended for Barca and their system.

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