Richmond One Year Later

Richmond in the Rear View

Due to a series of severe storms this post appears days late.

Last year at this time we were eating BBQ in downtown Richmond, VA. Then it was back to the hotel and off to the track for the Nascar Sprint Cup race. The time with my sons was fantastic. The race was good and the weather perfect.

Today, it’s cloudy and humid in MO. Liverpool is beating Norwich 2-0 at half and I am remembering how great it was to be at the track with my sons, and wife last year. Had my sons not been there it would probably rate, an okay experience. Spending time with them is a precious commodity since each live on a different coast and I in the middle. The bonus- “they treated us to the trip.”

Tonight, we have a house guest, Laura, my wife’s friend from Indiana. Some good food and good company will be followed by Sprint Cup on the 65”. While it’s not an “in person” experience, the hassle free part gives it an edge in my book. And, the cost savings– well, it’s in the thousands. But, I’d still like being at the track with my wife and sons tonight. That makes it special.

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