Touch Pads for $99

HP Tablets Gone

Missed it.  Just as well, I didn’t need one-

Yes, the $99 Touch Pad on the HP site were all sold out.  Going to the nearest Best Buy would have cost me $30 in gas, so that option was out.  Could it be, this version of Touch Pad wasn’t up to speed, so being smart marketers, they sold them off to create a buzz.  What if in a few months they decide to re-enter the market with a winner?  What did it cost them to sell them @ $99 versus 6 months of trying to slug it out with Apple in television and print?
Another thought- what is the real price for a tablet?  Bet it’s under $199.  Push those puppies out the door at $199 with all the trimmings and you’ve got a market share worth writing home about.  Of course, the margin is paper thin, but, hey, it the new global thing.

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