Tropical Storm Bill

Rain in buckets”””””””’

Did not happen here.  By my estimate, the Tropical Storm Bill prediction was a miss.  Yes, Texas had more rain than usual.  But, the deluge predicted, did not happen.  Flooding was already in progress from the weeks of rainstorms which hit Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri.

Unless you happen to live in one of these states or are addicted to a weather channel, you probably didn’t know.  You have should have noticed that the weather has not been quote “normal.”  They, being the experts, classify it as extreme.  But, they, being the experts, fail to check weather for the planet beyond 10,000 years.  Normal for the planet is stretches of storms, droughts, ice/snow, scorching heat, drastic cold.  In short, this planet has only been kind to living things for about 10,000 years.  Prior to that, it was less than pleasant.  Just ask the Neanderthals.

Having been heavily invested in Ancestry and Y-DNA, I’ve learned that creature thought to be sub-human living through multiple Ice Ages.  During that time they moved north in the warm periods and south in the cold periods.  It amazing that human even exists when one realizes the small bands of pre-humans, or some such, as scientist like to call them survived to produce us.

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