Rain – Redux

June 2015 – Rain arrived in buckets, truck loads, reservoirs, rivers, lakes.  You name it, that is how much rain arrived.  And, we had grass to mow.

In August, as the “Dog Days” came to pass, we started seeing signs our grass need water.

“Easy Come, Easy Go,” right?

We were off to California to see my newest granddaughter, so not have grass a foot tall when we returned was a bonus.  We thought.

Little did we know that, August, September, October would be very, very dry.  Along with the warm temps and lack of rain came the loss of our luscious grass.

One word defines how I felt after a Spring of seeding and fertilizing,” Bummer.”

Finally, the rain returned.  As before it was in bucket, truck loads, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da.  The grass however, did not revive.  First, it had gone dormant, second it was too late in the season.  Only Spring will tell us if the damage was severe.

During the last heavy rain period the official rain amount totals were over 7″ in three days.

We live a few miles from an Army Corp lake built to reduce flooding along the Missouri & Mississippi rivers.  On a trip across a bridge over one of the tributaries we noticed how high the lake was.  From that level we knew the gravel road south of our house must be under water.  And, it was.  Still is.  However, to FedEx’s credit they did deliver a package going the long way to our house.

Last night the latest rain started.  It is almost noon and it has rained solidly since 4 am.  We are lucky the temperature is well above freezing or we might be without power.  We stocked up Tuesday on our trip out, so we have food for days.  With a wood stove and a generator, we are capable of roughing it in luxury   except for water.  With the rain, we can put out bucket and collect enough of that, but, when it freezes that option ceases.  As does travel or fetching wood from down the slope to the storage area.

The temperature should not drop too much after the pending snow, which means we won’t be without wood or water for long, if at all.  But, if it continues to rain until the snow arrives, the people along the Mississippi will be in for flooding and damage.

This time of year the animals usually suffer from cold temp.  This season it has been sodden ground on or in which to sleep.  As usual in this area, it’s not a good time to reside outdoors.

It Must Be Winter!

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